The Greenane Centre, Greenane. Tipperary Town, E34 CX13

Trauma Treatment Theories – DTIP Tigala


Trauma Treatment Theories

Sunday 4th December 2022,
Monday 5th December 2022.
10am – 5pm

Facilitator: Patricia Allen Garrett

  • Trauma Treatment Theories
  • Trauma Treatment Phases
  • Window of Tolerance
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Regulation Exercises
  • Integration Phase Exercises

'Exercises' document - please have to hand for the two days.

My Resources document - please have to hand for day 1

Putting on the brakes - please have to hand for day 1

Dual Awareness Protocol - please have for hand for day 2

You don't need to read anything in advance as we will be going through all of it on the day.

Dual Awareness Protocol


My Resources

Putting on the Brakes Protocol