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Certificate in Integrative Sand Tray Stories ©

Facilitating Healing Narratives in The Sand

Developed by Liz Quish

“The hands know how to solve a riddle with which the intellect has wrestled in vain.”

C. G. Jung

November 2022 Class Full

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Integrative Sand Tray Stories

Integrative Sand Tray Stories © is a projective, dynamic, symbolic and sensory model of psychotherapy. Using a sand tray, water and symbols, the client is enabled to bypass their thinking, logical and analytical brain, facilitating the safe unfolding of their unconscious conflicts. The sand tray story therapist’s atunement and unconditional acceptance of the clients process, enables the development of the client’s sense of agency and psychological healing.

Quish (2022)

Our Certificate in Integrative Sand Tray Stories© is delivered through a blended learning format and aims to develop and broaden participants theoretical knowledge and technical skills ensuring the safe, ethical and effective utilisation of Integrative Sand Tray Stories © with adolescent and adult clients. It prepares therapists to fully understand, witness, and respond to clients as they connect with, express and process their archetypal, symbolic and intrapersonal worlds through the creation of their Sand Tray Stories © . In order to ensure the integrity of this programme a strong emphasis is placed on participant engagement and immersion in their own Sand Tray Stories ©.


Learning Outcomes

Participants who complete this Certificate will:

… be introduced to the history and development of Sand Tray and Sand Play therapy with a focus on the work of Margaret Lowenfeld’s World Technique and Dora Kalff‘s Sand Play.

… gain insight into Jungian Psychology through exploring the process of individuation and the role of the Self in individuation, the theory of archetypes and the collective unconscious.

… develop a deep understanding of symbols and the power of symbolic expression in enabling the safe unfolding and exploration of client’s sub-conscious conflicts.

… develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the theory and practices underpinning Integrative Sand Tray Stories ©

… experience the powerful and empowering dynamics of Sand Tray Stories © through the creation, exploration and processing of their own Sand Tray Stories ©.


Programme Structure & Fees


  • History and Development of Sand Tray and Sand Play Therapy
  • Jungian Principals underpinning Sand Tray Stories ©
  • Key Elements of Integrative Sand Tray Stories ©
  • Therapeutic Benefits of Integrative Sand Tray Stories ©
  • Role of The Sand Tray Story © Therapist
  • Sand Tray Story © Tools and Equipment
  • Sand Tray Story © Symbols and Miniatures
  • Organising Sand Tray Story © Symbols and Miniatures
  • Sand Tray Story © Process
  • Directive and Non-Directive Sand Tray Stories ©
  • Stages and Phases in Sand Tray Stories ©
  • Sand Tray Stories © Quadrants
  • Understanding Sand Tray Story © Themes
  • Processing Sand Tray Stories © Scenes
  • Recording and Documenting Sand Tray Story © Sessions


Saturday November 26th – Liz Quish (Class Based)

Saturday December 10th – Emeline Hanson (Online)

Saturday January 14th – Emeline Hanson (Online)

Tuesday February 7th – Liz Quish (Class Based)

Saturday February 18th – Emeline Hanson (Online)

Sunday March 26th – Liz Quish (Class Based)

Tuesday April 11th  – Emeline Hanson (Online)

Saturday April 29th – Liz Quish (Class Based)

Sunday May 14th – Liz Quish (Class Based)

Saturday June 3rd – Liz Quish (Class Based)

Saturday October 14th October – Liz Quish – MentorVisison (Class Based)


  • 2 Reflective Learning Journals
  • Book Review

Entry Requirement

This CPD Diploma is open to practitioners who have successfully completed:

A Degree or Diploma in Counselling/ Psychotherapy,  Play, Drama or Art Therapy

Maximum 8 participants, ensuring an intimate, reflective and engaging hands on learning experience.

Teaching Methods

This Programme will be facilitated through a blended learning format :

  • 4 days training online
  • 6 days training at The Greenane Centre, Tipperary Town, E34 CX13
  • 2 x One hour, One to One Online Integrative Sand Tray Stories © MentorVision
  • 1 x Class based group Integrative Sand Tray Stories © MentorVision at The Greenane Centre

Programme Fee & Payment Schedule

Full Fee: €1,850

  • €350 due on registration
  • €750 due by Friday 26th August 2022
  • €750 due by Friday 18th November 2022

Instalment option available. Call or email for details.

Instalment option incurs €100 administration fee.

Maximum of 8 participants

***  Course Full – Express your interest below  ***

Programme Fee Includes:

  • Integrative Sand Tray Stories © Training Manual
  • Sand Tray
  • Sand
  • Sand Tray Tools
  • 50 Symbols/ Miniatures