The Greenane Centre, Greenane. Tipperary Town, E34 CX13




Facilitator: Joanna Fortune
Sunday 7th, Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th November 2021. 10am – 4pm Daily

This module will present and explore the concept of Mentalisation and its link to reflective functioning and its application to working with and supporting parents/ carers/ staff in their parenting/care of children and adolescents with developmental trauma histories. Participants will gain a sound appreciation of Mentalization and how to apply its principles to managing behavioural challenges in children and adolescents with the goal of increasing the connection between parents/carers/staff and the children/adolescents they care for.Participants will develop skills in adopting a mentalising stance with parents/carers that holds caregiver and child /adolescent in mind and embeds assessment and therapeutic interventions in an empathic, emotionally validating, supportive relationship.

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