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Trauma Therapeutic Services

Developmental Trauma & Attachment

Our Developmental Trauma and Attachment Informed team provide a range of coordinated specialist, innovative and evidence based, trauma and attachment informed support services for adolescents, parents, carers and professionals.

Adolescents with Developmental Trauma and Attachment Disrupted histories cannot heal in isolation. With the right intervention and support, adolescents with developmental trauma and attachment disrupted histories can heal and reach their potential. We provide a range of services aimed at promoting better outcomes for adolescents ensuring a coordinated, systematic and collaborative approach to healing.

Therapeutic Services

Trauma & Attachment Informed Psychotherapy for Adolescents

Adolescents impacted by developmental trauma and attachment disruption require specialist trauma-informed, attachment-focused support. Parents and carers, who are supported and educated on the impact of developmental trauma and attachment disruption are more empowered, attuned and enabled to provide the secure base needed to facilitate the child’s/adolescent healing process.

Trauma & Attachment Informed Psycho-Educational Coaching for Educators

Trauma can negatively impact a child’s/adolescents academic ability and impede their ability to fulfil classroom expectations. Teachers who are educated, supported and guided in developing a trauma sensitive classroom are more resourced and capable of supporting and attuning to unique educational needs of students.

Trauma Training For Professionals

Diploma in Trauma Informed Psychotherapy

The importance of evaluating the effects of trauma is critical and has substantial implications for case-formulation and treatment planning in therapy. Therefore, before therapists can work with a client’s trauma they need to have a sound understanding of what trauma is and how to engage with it safely. More…

Specialist Diploma in Developmental Trauma

This innovative, comprehensive, reflective and evidence based course is appropriate for a wide range of professionals who wish to develop a specialism in Developmental Trauma. It will have a focus on neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiological and attachment theory ensuring a clear theoretical framework underpinned by research and the principals of Trauma and Attachment Informed Care. More…