The Greenane Centre, Greenane. Tipperary Town, E34 CX13
Adult counselling


Counselling and Psychotherapy enable a person experiencing difficulties to explore and examine these difficulties in a confidential, compassionate and supportive environment. Your counsellor will accompany you as you strive to gain insight into your feelings and behaviours, and remain attentive to you as you examine and explore your concerns. Your counsellor will support you in developing and enhancing your coping skills with the ultimate aim of enhancing your emotional wellness. More…



Adolescence is a period of great transition which often results in adolescents feeling a sense of unease, confusion and dis-connection as they try to navigate their place in the world. We engage with adolescents in order to help them develop effective coping strategies and develop their emotional resilience. Our team of adolescent psychotherapists are highly skilled and qualified in the field of adolescent psychotherapy and ensure adolescents are met with compassion, and given a safe, open, non-judgemental space to explore, process and figure out their concerns. More…

Adolescent Trauma


Our Developmental Trauma and Attachment Informed team provide a range of coordinated specialist, innovative and evidence based, trauma and attachment informed support services for adolescents, parents, carers and professionals.

Adolescents with Developmental Trauma and Attachment Disrupted histories cannot heal in isolation. With the right intervention and support, adolescents with developmental trauma and attachment disrupted histories can heal and reach their potential. We provide a range of services aimed at promoting better outcomes for adolescents ensuring a coordinated, systematic and collaborative approach to healing. More…