The Greenane Centre, Greenane. Tipperary Town, E34 CX13

Certificate In Sound Therapy


Therapeutic Vibrational Tones of TheraSoundFlow©


Delivered via Blended Learning

Course Fee: €475

€175 deposit on registration

€150 monthly for 2 months

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is a therapeutic technique that uses tonal frequencies to balance and harmonise the body’s vibrations. This enables  the body to return to a state of homeostasis, its intrinsic state of balance and harmony.  

Through the use of specific therapeutic-grade instruments used off the body, clients experience a deep and  serene tranquil state as they are surrounded by the healing vibrational tones of TheraSoundFlow©.  TheTheraSoundFlow© model is underpinned by the principals and science of Resonance and Entrainment, applying the concepts therapeutically through the use of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks and Crystal Singing Bowls.

Our IACP CPD approved and recognised Certificate in Sound Therapy is open to Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Holistic Therapists, Pilates, Yoga and Meditation Instructors.

  • CPD Approved and Recognised by The Irish Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy – awarded 22 CPD Points.
  • Limited to 8 Participants.
  • All Instruments are Provided by Programme Facilitator.


Participants will gain a deep understanding and appreciation of Sound Therapy, but will also experience the calming and therapeutic benefits of TheraSoundFlow© through working in pairs as therapist and client.

  • Overview of the Science and Philosophy Underpinning Sound Therapy
  • Therapeutic Benefits of Sound Therapy
  • How to Integrate Healing Sounds within Your Existing Practise 
  • Contraindications 
  • Playful Exploration of  Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls and Unweighted Tuning Forks
  • Exploring and Experiencing a Range of Mallets and Playing Techniques 
  • Playing Instruments Off The Body –  One to One –  Stationary and Movement
  • Play Instruments Off The Body –  Groups –  Stationary and Movement
  • Sounds of Grounding –  Safety
  • Sounds of Letting Go – Harmony
  • Sounds of The Breath – Sound and Breath Work 
  • Using Healing Sounds in Meditation – Sound Meditation 
  • Tones and Combinations – Key Components of Meditation


Class times: 10am – 5:30pm

Day 1:  Friday 18th October 2024 – In-Person at The Greenane Centre.

Day 2:  Saturday 19th October 2024 – In-Person at The Greenane Centre.

Day 3:  Sunday 20th October 2024 – In-Person at The Greenane Centre.

Two Live Online classes on Zoom. 7pm – 9pm. Dates to be Confirmed.


Full Fee: €475

  • €175 due on registration
  • 2 monthly payments of €150

Fees must be paid in full before course commencement.

Term & Conditions must be accepted before registration is complete.