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Motivational Interviewing Copy


Motivational Interviewing

Saturday 26th March 2022,
Sunday 27th March 2022,
10am – 5pm.

Facilitator: Brian Foley

We kindly ask you to read the Pre-course Booklet in the Materials section and complete page 18 (Helpful Responses Questionnaire) before Session 1, there is no need to print it out, it is purely reading material. When the lesson concludes, can you check your responses on page 18 once again to see if they would change as a result of attending the course.

Can you print the 2022 Online MI Intro Manual as we will be using it during each session. It would be a help if you could view the following clips and consider what it is the worker does or doesn’t do that affects the clients experience of the conversation, we will discuss this early on session one.

Can you also look at the following client and consider what it is the worker does to decrease the clients resistance and move the conversation in a direction of change, again we will discuss this early in session one.

Can you also watch this six minute clip on MI Spirit.

If you find Podcasts helpful in learning, this episode will help you get more from session one of the course,



Thank you for your input and active involvement in day one of the Motivational Interviewing Introduction course, also thank you for your willingness to engage in the roleplays during the afternoon, you created a very safe, dynamic space for learning to occur and thank you to our volunteer speakers, we appreciate you taking the risk of sharing.

Here is the link to a helpful short video on empathy from Brené Brown

Can you experiment with the Wordwall “Wedding Vow” exercise from session 1, see the link below. Don’t worry about the software saying you are right or wrong, this is a subjective exercise solely based on the statement on page 8 in your booklet, put the words where you think they fit.

Language Strength 

Session 1 Quiz

Change & Sustain Talk

Change Talk Match

Remember to listen and try to recognise sustain talk, change talk during conversations around change, whether it’s at home, in work or on the telly to bed the practice in..

Consider the Stages of Change model and where you think people might be at when listening to them talk about change. To refresh your understanding of the SOC Model please watch this short video

Reflect on the Righting Reflex, the artful act of managing ambivalence and its role in conversations about change.

I have attached the feedback document from the Concepts of Motivation, the MI Spirit (Regrets Exercise) and the Approaches discussion for your information.

Considering the Approaches, (see attachment) you practiced and watched during the afternoon, Approach 1) Persuasion, Approach 2) Directive / Confronting (YP Tony), Approach 3) Open Questions & A Summary + Key Question, (No advice, real play) and here is the link to an MI example I’d like you to watch .

After the video can you answer the questions on P19, The Debrief Harvest.

For Q1) What happened? Please write “We considered four conversational approaches to behaviour change dilemmas with people in the Contemplation phase of The Stages of Change, (1) persuasion, (2) directive / confrontational,  (3) A taste of MI and (4) The video example of MI

Then please answer the rest of the questions based on your overall experience / observations of the four approaches.

Can you please complete P20, Open & Closed Questions, before the next session to afford a little more time in the session to concentrate on other activities.

Can you also complete these session learning boosters prior to your next session also,

Session 2 Quiz

MI Processes

Brian will start the day 2 discussing your reflections and observations on day 1’s content along with asking you to discuss these three questions and to share three answers from page 19 The Debrief Harvest.

  1. What has stood out for you so far?
  2. Did you hear sustain talk / change talk, since last session, what did you notice when you heard the talk and how did you respond?
  3. What are your thoughts on the righting reflex, since session 1, have you notice it popping up in you?

These podcasts will supplement your learning from day 1, “Talking to Change”

The Spirit of MI,

MI & Compassion